You can get one-on-one coaching through Exchangely right here on Singdaptive. You will get a lead instructor, plus input from others on our instructor team. Exchangely uses a video exchange program where you and your instructor send videos back and forth using the Exchangely tool right in our web app. It is private and secure and a great way to develop your singing.

Just go to the Singdaptive home page and click on Exchangely to begin!

Another way to develop here on Singdaptive, is to make use of Singdaptive's incredible content library containing hundreds of on-demand, pre-recorded lesson videos. Our lesson library grows on a regular basis, as we add new content to meet the needs of our community of singers.

If you’d like to submit a lessons idea or topic:

Click our Chat icon
Share your idea(s)

If you want to see our instructor team and take a quick taster on what they are teaching you can see them in action here.
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