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Do I get more than one instructor?

Yes! Every singer at Singdaptive is assigned one Lead Instructor - this is the member of our team with whom you have all of your personal interactions. With Learning Sessions, included with all subscription plans, the instructor is assigned for each session - so you'll learn from many different instructors.

Singdaptive assigns a lead instructor based on a number of factors. We also change your instructor from time to time - this is part of why Singdaptive is so valuable.

One of the objectives of your Lead Instructor is to connect you with the wisdom of the entire team at Singdaptive. They do this by introducing your to lessons, exercises and messages from Singdaptive Instructors that are 100% on track with your goals. By the end of your session you will have gained insight from several instructors

Updated on: 04/19/2022

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