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Does Singdaptive push a specific singing method?

Singdpative recognises that there are a number of very helpful singing methods authored by informed singers and researchers. We value the work of many excellent contributions such as Jeaneatte Lovetri, Janice Chapman, Lisa Popeil, Ingo Titze, and many others --in fact one of these is on our Instructor Team and several are featured in our publications!

If you look at what's out there in the wide world of singing instruction, you'll see a number of “secret” singing methods that are the “private property” of some vocal coaches. These do not always honour the growing awareness amongst singing teachers and medical professionals that there are a number of cross-genre principles of healthy vocalisation which should be learned by every singer, regardless of genre, so that they can make the sounds they want without unhealthy tension.

We take great pride that our instructors study and work with medical professionals so that they can advocate widely recognized techniques that reduce tension and free singers to develop healthy voices.

Updated on: 04/19/2022

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