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How Do I Complete an Action?

Locking in Learning with Actions

Below the Quiz there will be at least one Action. Click on the blue Action Bar to reveal an action, then follow the instructions that appear.

Opening Up Actions

Once you complete the Action, click "Submit" if your Action is journal entry, or "Confirm When Complete", if it was a task.

Completing an Action

Some actions offer you the option "Add To Practice", which makes an exercise show up in your Practice Journal. Click the Clipboard Icon to go to your Practice Journal at any time. You can track any practice session and make journal entries, or if you need clarification on your Add to Practice items, you can click the Details button, which will take you back to the lesson that explains it. Click Submit Your Practice to save it to your Practice Journal. You can also view journal entries in your Timeline.

Updated on: 03/20/2020

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