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How Do I Contact My Instructor?

If you are subscribed, you might want to contact your instructor occasionally to ask for clarification on their instructions, or to let them know you uploaded the wrong video in an exchange or clicked submit without finishing a task. For issues directly related to your exchange, use the Chat Icon to send your question to us. We will forward your message to your instructor and you'll get an email response within one business day. The response will come from the email address

If you have files or links you'd like your instructor to comment on, we prefer if you don't send these to us via the chat or an email. Put all video and audio content as well as links in your exchange tasks. Note: you can upload audio files in place of videos in a given task if needed.

If you'd like to add additional content to an exchange beyond what your instructor has requested, your instructor will only be able to review it and comment on it if they have time. Instructors have a specified amount of time for each exchange, so don't always have time to review additional materials you have added. They will do their best though!

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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