Taking a Lesson or Course
Once you are logged in, clicking on a lesson will take you to the Lesson Theater. In the Lesson Theater, where you will watch the lesson video and interact with other learning activities to deepen your understanding. Your progress is always shown in the Progress Circle on the lessons and course thumbnails on your dashboard.

In all our videos, you’ll see titles and text that reinforce learning. The Tip Icon indicates important but brief pieces of advice from the instructor, while the Definition Icon will offer a definition of a singing term used by the instructor.

The Lesson Theater

Once you have watched the lesson video, you are still only at the beginning of your learning! Your next steps will be to take action. To this end, every lesson includes a Quiz (which you can re-take as many times as you like) and one or more Actions. Actions let you go deeper with your learning through journaling, activities or items to add to your practice routine.
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