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How Does the Practice Journal Work?

Using Your Practice Journal

You can track any practice session in your Practice Journal.

Go to your Practice Journal by clicking the Clipboard Icon in center of the top menu bar.

Enter some notes about your session into the journal field at the top.

If you have clicked "add-to-practice" on an exercise during a lesson you took, you will see that exercise in the Lesson Exercise section. You can tick it off, if you used the exercise.

If you haven't used this "add-to-practice" function in a lesson yet, this section will be empty and you can skip it for now.

Move the slider to set the amount of time you practiced.

Click "Submit This Practice Session" to add it to your practice journal, which you can view in the Practice Journal or in your Timeline. Note: You must make an entry in the journal field, in order to save your session.

Updated on: 03/21/2020

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