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How Much Does Singdaptive Cost?

How much does Singdaptive cost?

[Free Trial]( It is free to sign up to try our 3 free exchanges on Singdaptive. This lets you hear back from Singdaptive instructors on how we can help determine and achieve your goals. We recommend everyone do the free trial before they buy.

Less than the price of face-to-face lessons in your location.
Face-to-face lessons in person or face-to-face will cost you anywhere from $150 to $600 USD per month, all our plans cost less than that for a quarter - 3 months. Think of our personal exchanges like an in-person in that you get to working on a number of concepts, get exercises to work on in after your initial start-up exchange each term, you get personal video feedback from an instructor and hand-picked on-demand video lessons.

We offer three plans:

Foundation - $149 USD / quarter
Get feedback on where your voice is heading and receive foundational learning to develop long term.
4 Personal Exchanges
400+ On-Demand Lesson Library

Spotlight - $259 USD / quarter (including 13% off first year)
Receive the benefits of Foundation Plan and add focused attention on specific technique or other goals.
8 Personal Exchanges
400+ On-Demand Lesson Library
Pause up to 4 weeks
BONUS - eBook and 13% off for your first year

Intensive - $499 USD / quarter (including 25% off first year)
Support your singing life on multiple fronts including audition prep, choosing songs and songwriting.
Unlimited Personal Exchanges
400+ On-Demand Lesson Library
Pause up to 8 weeks
BONUS - All Singdaptive eBooks and 25% off for your first year

You can see pricing for our plans in your currency at By creating an account you'll receive a discount on your first year for Spotlight and Intensive plans (no commitment beyond your current term).

Updated on: 10/31/2022

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