How much does Singdaptive cost?

[Free Trial]( It is free to sign up to try our 3 free exchanges on Singdaptive. This lets you hear back from Singdaptive instructors on how we can help determine and achieve your goals. We recommend everyone do the free trial before they buy.

Less than the price of face-to-face lessons in your location. At $25 USD a month our [Standard Plan Subscription]( gives great value for staying invested with your voice. The Standard Plan starts with several one-on-one personal exchanges to create your Unique Learning Path. Based on your path, each month you'll get a Learning Session. These sessions include:
1 hand-picked exchange for your unique path
1 Personal Exchange with instructor feedback
Exchanges incude Lessons & Exercises
1-on-1 Asynchronous Coaching

Our Standard Plan also includes Unlimited access to 350+ On-Demand Lessons.

Our [Premium Plan Subscription]( at $99 USD a month The Premium Plan gives you 3 personal exchanges per month, giving you flexibility to work on songs and specific technique development.

It starts with a Unique Learning Path created by our instructor team through one-on-one consultations with you – this plan will evolve with you as your needs and goals change.

Each month you'll get:
Up to 3 Personal Exchanges
Hand-picked Lessons & Exercises
Customized 1-on-1 Asynchronous Coaching
Unlimited access to 350+ On-Demand Lessons

Our Premium Plan also includes monthly Learning Sessions that let you explore new topics and concepts.
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