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What does Singdaptive give me that I can’t get anywhere else?

There are two really unique aspects of Singdaptive:

1. We give you personal feedback - asynchronously. This means that you don't have to show up for an appointment since you can send questions, concerns and singins any time, day or night - and you can access our personal guidance to you whenever you wish.

2. Your learning comes from a team rather than just one individual. One of the tasks of your lead instructor is to connect you with the insights of several other members of the team - this means that your learning is never limited to just one person.

You can find elements of Singdaptive in other places:

top flight singing instructors
genre-specific insights
people who will listen to your goals and help you develop them
the ability to listen, consider, sing and share at your own pace….

What is different about Singdaptive is that we bring all of this together in one place. In addition to this, we think you will be pleased with our innovative, easy-to-navigate interface where you accomplish tasks and keep track of your progress. However, we think the greatest thing about Singdaptive is that it puts the singer right where they should be - at the centre of the learning process.

Updated on: 04/19/2022

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