What if I complete my exchanges before my renewal date?

With Foundation and Spotlight Plan you can do the exchanges at your own pace. This can create a situation where you complete your exchanges before the end of your 3 month term.

There are two options you can consider.

Option 1 - Upgrade Your Plan

You can choose upgrade your plan "now". You'll be charged the difference between the plans.
- From Foundation to Spotlight - you'll receive an extra 4 exchanges in the term
- Upgrade to Intensive - you'll receive unlimited exchange in the term

If you have enough weeks on your term to warrant upgrade you visit your purchases page and tap CHANGE on the plan you want to move to. If you only want to upgrade for that term, you can add a comment when you upgrade to "downgrade" at the beginning of the next term.

Option 2 - Take a Break and Keep Practicing

When you complete your final exchange of your Foundation or Spotlight term with weeks to spare, your instructor will include some extra recommended self-directed learning on the platform. You can take a break from submitting, but keep on learning and practicing until your next term starts up.

Updated on: 10/31/2022

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