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What if I Don't Want to Finish a Lesson?

What if I Don’t Want to Finish a Lesson?

If you want to finish a Lesson later, simply click on the Bird Icon to take you back to the Dashboard, then you can return later to the Lesson you were on. If you never want to finish a particular Lesson you’ve started, you can remove it from your In Progress feed by clicking on the Notepad Icon in the upper right corner of your screen. You will then see Blue X Circles on each lesson in your In Progress feed. Click any Blue Circle to remove that lesson or course from the feed. The lesson will still appear in other feeds, but not in your My In Progress Feed.

Remove a Lesson from Your Feed

If you want to skip an action within a lesson, click on the Three Vertical Dots on the right side of the Action Bar. Then you can select one of four reasons why you want to skip that Action. This is useful when you already know something being taught. You can skip a certain action, yet still complete the lesson.

Skip an Action

Updated on: 04/19/2022

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