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What if I Don't Want to Finish my Lesson?

All subscribers use Exchanges to receive guidance and teachings from their instructor and upload videos for feedback - many students call these "lessons." Every exchange has a personal video full of teaching and a place for you to upload a video of you singing. Exchanges also contain other learning videos to support your growth. But, what if you don't want to finish your current exchange?

In order to get your next exchange, you must submit your current exchange. Every exchange you submit triggers the next exchange to be created. Therefore, if you are struggling with the tasks in your current exchange, or if you don't want to do the tasks, the only way to keep moving forward is to submit. You must submit something in all required tasks, so if you don't want to film yourself doing the requested song or exercise you can instead film yourself explaining why you struggled with the task or why you didn't complete it. Your instructor will take your feedback into account and design your next exchange accordingly. You will not receive a replacement exchange for the one you didn't do, however, your instructor will make sure you always receive the equivalent value for your term, via the subsequent exchanges.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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