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Who is Singdaptive for?

Who is Singdaptive For?

Singdaptive is for singers with goals. You may perform in amateur musical theatre, or you may have an album of original music for sale. You may have just joined your first choir, or perhaps you’ve taken a break from singing and are considering getting back into it. No matter what your genre or your situation, you have singing goals! The Singdaptive team believes in you, and is eagerly awaiting the chance to help you reach those goals.

Singdaptive is for any singer who has an interest in improving.

You’ll notice that we didn't mention a specific genre. We can help regardless of what genre you sing. We do have specific help for different singing environments like choral, stage production, solo singing and bands. But don’t worry about whether you sing jazz, classical, rock, pop or funk - we have content that's relevant to you.

Who is Singdaptive not for?
Well, in accordance with privacy and data regulations, you must be over 14 years old to have an account on Singdaptive.
Coming Soon is a way for parents to set up a special account for younger kids.

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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